Hiring the Best Heavy Construction Equipment: Everything to Consider

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Hiring the Best Heavy Construction Equipment: Everything to Consider

If you are hiring heavy construction equipment for your business, there are so many things you need to consider, from driver training to safety features, from cost to supplemental insurance, and, of course, there are many other factors to consider. Hi, my name is Dave, and I used to work in the oil fields. During that time, I ran almost every type of heavy machinery you can imagine, and I also saw a lot of mistakes being made. I learned a lot, and now that I am semi-retired, I want to share a lot of that info. Before you hire a heavy machine, take a look at these posts.



Critical Considerations to Ensure You Get a Good Deal When You're Buying a Used Forklift

One of the major things that several forklift buyers have to decide on is whether to purchase a brand new machine or opt for something used. Generally speaking, it is best to purchase a new machine because there are no performance issues stemming from previous use to worry about. But new forklift machines do come with a hefty price tag that many potential buyers may not be able to afford. These group of buyers usually find used forklifts to be a feasible alternative because they cost substantially less to buy. 

If you want to buy a used forklift, it is imperative that you exercise due diligence to ensure you get a good deal. Be sure to consider these crucial factors.

Age of the machine

Finding out how old a forklift is can help determine how much service life the machine has remaining in it. The older the machine, the greater the likelihood that it will wear and tear faster. Replacement parts for older models may also become obsolete along the line, making it difficult to perform repairs using original parts. Therefore, it is wise to go for the newest forklift models available if you are buying a used machine.

Repair history of the machine

It is perfectly normal for every forklift machine to require repair service over the course of its useful life. But a machine that tends to require repair service too frequently is never a good one. Before purchasing any used forklift, it is vital to ask the seller if they can provide you with a comprehensive record of how they have used the machine and any major repair issues they may have faced while using the machine. Insist on getting a warranty on the used forklift so that any breakdowns that may arise will be taken care of by the seller, saving you lots of dollars that could be spent making repairs.

As a layman, you are not in a good position to accurately gauge the general condition of a used forklift. That is why you should be sure to request a professional technician to check the machine you intend to buy, so that they to give their professional assessment of its general condition. A qualified forklift maintenance technician will make sure they inspect all critical components of the machine, including the forks, mast and carriage, controls, tyres, battery, etc. and advise you on whether or not the machine is worth the price you are being asked to pay.