Hiring the Best Heavy Construction Equipment: Everything to Consider

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Hiring the Best Heavy Construction Equipment: Everything to Consider

If you are hiring heavy construction equipment for your business, there are so many things you need to consider, from driver training to safety features, from cost to supplemental insurance, and, of course, there are many other factors to consider. Hi, my name is Dave, and I used to work in the oil fields. During that time, I ran almost every type of heavy machinery you can imagine, and I also saw a lot of mistakes being made. I learned a lot, and now that I am semi-retired, I want to share a lot of that info. Before you hire a heavy machine, take a look at these posts.


A Comparison Between House Demolition and Deconstruction

Do you want to bring down your old home in order to build a new one on the same lot? Are you wondering whether you should have the house demolished or deconstructed? Read on and learn how those two processes differ from one another. Use this information to select the most appropriate method for bringing down your home.


This refers to the use of different kinds of equipment (such as wrecking balls or high-reach arms mounted on heavy construction machines like excavators) to tear down a building. You may need municipal permits in order to conduct a house demolition. Demolitions have several advantages. First, the process may take a short time if the right equipment and methods (such as the use of explosives) are used. Demolitions may also have an affordable labour cost since machines can do most of the work.

The downside of this method is that it may be very noisy. Demolitions can also cause air pollution if care is not taken to limit how much dust becomes airborne. The demolition contractor may keep pouring water on the demolition site in order to limit the dust generated by the process. This may increase the cost of the demolition.


This refers to the process of selectively bringing down sections of a building in order to salvage as many of the building materials as possible. Those salvaged materials may be reused at other construction sites or taken to recycling centers so that different products can be made from them. For instance, steel pillars can be melted at recycling plants in order to make re-bars. The advantage of this method is that it is environmentally friendly. This is because it generates very little dust or noise. Another benefit is that you may earn some money from the sale of the salvaged materials.

The biggest shortcoming of this method is that it is labour-intensive. This is because many workers are needed to remove the reusable items (manually). The process also takes a lot of time, so it may not be suitable for someone who wants his or her new home within a short time.

You may need to consult the municipal authorities for guidance about which method is acceptable in your area. For instance, house demolition may be illegal in busy urban settings. You could also contact a demolition or deconstruction company near you, like Roach Demolition & Excavations. They will take you through the entire process of demolishing/deconstructing your old home. That discussion will enable you to choose the most appropriate method for your needs.