Hiring the Best Heavy Construction Equipment: Everything to Consider

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Hiring the Best Heavy Construction Equipment: Everything to Consider

If you are hiring heavy construction equipment for your business, there are so many things you need to consider, from driver training to safety features, from cost to supplemental insurance, and, of course, there are many other factors to consider. Hi, my name is Dave, and I used to work in the oil fields. During that time, I ran almost every type of heavy machinery you can imagine, and I also saw a lot of mistakes being made. I learned a lot, and now that I am semi-retired, I want to share a lot of that info. Before you hire a heavy machine, take a look at these posts.


Reasons to Use Diamond Drill Rods in Construction

If you were looking for strong, portable drills, then diamond drill rods through a place like Afkos Industries would be your best bet. Diamond drills comprise of high quality materials that enable them to drill holes through a myriad of materials ranging from marble to concrete. In addition to this, you have the discretion of setting the diameter of the holes you need thus giving you flexibility for your drilling needs. If you work in construction, here are some of the reasons why need to invest in these drill rods.

They can cut through any material

As the name suggests, these drill rods are fitted with a diamond drill bit. This being one of the strongest materials on earth, it can easily cut through a range of surfaces while still leaving a smooth finish. As such, it is the best option if you are working with tough materials such as concrete, brick and stone. In addition to this, they drill bit will not succumb to wear and tear despite regular exposure to these tough materials. Therefore, you do not have to worry about replacing it before its time.

Eliminates chipping

One of the disadvantage of drilling through brittle materials is that they can easily crack or chip. This is especially common if the resistance is high between the drill bit and the material being drilled. One of the materials that is susceptible to cracking during drilling is glass. Diamond drill rods will not cause any cracks as they overcome this resistance easily. This means you do not have to worry about damaging the materials you are working and avoid spending extra money to replace them.

They are faster and cleaner

As aforementioned, diamond is one of the toughest material on earth. Thus, it has the ability to cut through any materials at the shortest time possible. In addition to this, you do not have to worry about debris from the drilling process, as there is minimal dust resultant from the process. This means less time spent cleaning the work areas that the drilling occurred. Additionally, fine dust from concrete is considered a health hazard if inhaled. Using diamond rods thus ensures that the contractors on the site are also not being out at risk.

You do not have to deal with loud noises

When using conventional drills you will find the subsequent drilling noise can become deafening. However, if you are looking for a noise free solution, then diamond drill rods are your best bet. This makes them great for residential use too if you would like to keep the neighbours' comfort in mind.