What You Need To Look For When Choosing a Heavy Haul Transport Company

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When transporting equipment, the size of that equipment and the mode of conveyance are things you will want to consider. If you need to transport heavy equipment, you will want to think about heavy hauling services. However, there are several heavy hauling companies in the industry, and finding the right one can be challenging. For this reason, you need to choose the right one that will not only meet your transportation needs but also eliminate any transportation difficulties and problems associated. Therefore, here are a few things you should consider when choosing a heavy haul company. Does the Company Know All the Regulations Involved In the Transportation of Heavy Equipment? Different states may have different regulations governing the transportation of the heavy haul equipment. These codes and regulations often seek to enhance safety during the transportation. Find out how familiar the company is with such laws. More significantly, do the drivers know and understand the laws or regulations? A company that knows all the regulations will be more reliable. In addition, knowing the regulation eliminates any legal issues involved during the transportation, and this can significantly reduce any delays. Does the Company Conduct A Route Survey Prior To the Transportation? Preparation is important to eliminate any obstacles that may result in delays. For this reason, the company you choose should conduct a route survey in advance to ensure that the transport of your equipment will be a success. Does the Company Have Escort Services? Escort service is an excellent way to ensure safety during transportation and can also serve to monitor traffic for the drivers. For this reason, find out whether the company offers such services. If they do, do the escorts and drivers have communication mechanisms, and if so, how effective are these mechanisms? Knowing all this information is important since escort services, through effective communication, can help the drivers avoid things such as collisions, especially with small vehicles or items right behind the heavy haul truck or trailer where the driver may not see. Can the Company Help You Secure the Permits Needed For the Transportation? You need to secure some permits or licences for the transportation, and the process involved can be complex as well as time consuming. For this reason, choose a company whose services include assisting clients with the acquisition of the required permits and licences when transporting the equipment between states or even countries. Keep these tips in mind as you contact local heavy haulage transport companies, and you’ll be able to find the best service...

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The Right Questions to Ask Any Potential Earthmoving Service

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An earthmoving service will be needed if you want to plan any type of major excavating or renovation work on your property, as you don’t want to try to handle this job on your own. Earthmoving means more than just digging; you need to work around buried power lines and cables and may want to ensure you don’t disturb tree roots or the environment in any way. You’ll also need to know how to brace up the walls of a pit so it doesn’t collapse. Before you hire such a service, note a few questions to ask so you know what to expect and ensure you choose the right company. 1. Ask if their operators are ticketed An operator of any earthmoving equipment should be ticketed, meaning licensed to operate that machinery. They should also be ticketed for first aid as this will ensure the safety of the crew in case of an accident.  2. Note if the augers can dig deep enough Be sure you check the depth of an auger before you hire an earthmoving company. You don’t want them to dig only to a certain depth with an auger and then assume they can dig the rest by hand. This can make the job much slower and even more dangerous, but a smaller company may not have the right equipment and yet be hesitant to tell you. Check the depth of their augers if you need any directional drilling done. 3. Check travel costs Your full-day hiring fee may not cover travel costs if your property is located very far from the agency. It’s important to note travel costs as they may need to haul their equipment on a flatbed, which might make it too elevated to take a certain route; if they encounter a low bridge or tunnel, they may need to reroute their equipment and, in turn, those travel costs could be much steeper than you realise. Go over this with them in advance so you can plan your expenses. 4. Will they remove excess dirt? After excavation, you may need to have a pit refilled, but if not, note if an earthmoving company will remove the excess dirt. They may need to return to collect it or you may need to hire an outside company to actually take away the excess dirt. Be sure you discuss this with an earthmoving company when you hire them so you don’t wind up with piles of earth that you weren’t expecting after the excavation...

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A Comparison Between House Demolition and Deconstruction

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Do you want to bring down your old home in order to build a new one on the same lot? Are you wondering whether you should have the house demolished or deconstructed? Read on and learn how those two processes differ from one another. Use this information to select the most appropriate method for bringing down your home. Demolition This refers to the use of different kinds of equipment (such as wrecking balls or high-reach arms mounted on heavy construction machines like excavators) to tear down a building. You may need municipal permits in order to conduct a house demolition. Demolitions have several advantages. First, the process may take a short time if the right equipment and methods (such as the use of explosives) are used. Demolitions may also have an affordable labour cost since machines can do most of the work. The downside of this method is that it may be very noisy. Demolitions can also cause air pollution if care is not taken to limit how much dust becomes airborne. The demolition contractor may keep pouring water on the demolition site in order to limit the dust generated by the process. This may increase the cost of the demolition. Deconstruction This refers to the process of selectively bringing down sections of a building in order to salvage as many of the building materials as possible. Those salvaged materials may be reused at other construction sites or taken to recycling centers so that different products can be made from them. For instance, steel pillars can be melted at recycling plants in order to make re-bars. The advantage of this method is that it is environmentally friendly. This is because it generates very little dust or noise. Another benefit is that you may earn some money from the sale of the salvaged materials. The biggest shortcoming of this method is that it is labour-intensive. This is because many workers are needed to remove the reusable items (manually). The process also takes a lot of time, so it may not be suitable for someone who wants his or her new home within a short time. You may need to consult the municipal authorities for guidance about which method is acceptable in your area. For instance, house demolition may be illegal in busy urban settings. You could also contact a demolition or deconstruction company near you, like Roach Demolition & Excavations. They will take you through the entire process of demolishing/deconstructing your old home. That discussion will enable you to choose the most appropriate method for your...

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What to Look for When Renting a Barge

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Hiring a barge or some other floating platform can determine whether a project succeeds or fails, so it’s important that you get it right. Planning and preparation are vital before you select your supplier. Determining What You Need Rental barges can be used for a variety of water-based projects that include providing a stable, floating platform for construction or repair work, or for heavy plant operations. They may also be used for drilling, dredging or similar activities, for the transportation of plant or materials and as storage or access platforms. Additionally, they’re ideal for special events, such as firework displays, to provide pontoons and walkways, as floating stages or as temporary floating marinas. How you are to use a barge or pontoon may determine the level of service you need. You may simply want to hire the barge and operate it yourself or may require a more tailored service that includes assembly of the equipment and provision of specialist operators. Delivering to the Correct Location The project you have in mind may be anywhere in the country and so it’s important you choose a supplier that can deliver what you need to the place where you need it. That may mean using a company that has multiple locations, including one that is near your project, and barges that are road transportable to a site that may be remote and difficult to access. It may also be helpful if they have modular equipment that can be assembled on site. Although the location of the required equipment may not be crucial, it could ensure the project runs more smoothly and reduce transport costs. Choosing the Right Supplier There are plenty of suppliers around but they’re not all the same and the price they charge may be reflected in the level of service they offer. Ideally, you want a company that is experienced in what it does and has all the necessary certifications and accreditations. It should operate proper health, safety and environmental management systems and have a wide range of equipment so it can meet your needs exactly. And the equipment should be regularly maintained in a professional manner to ensure it’s reliable and safe to operate. Ensure you receive all necessary documentation for the barge and any equipment so you can operate it efficiently in a safe manner. If possible, check with existing customers to ensure the company is a proficient and trustworthy supplier. Using a company that meets all criteria may be reflected in higher charges but will help to ensure your project completes successfully. Going for a lower price to meet your budget may be a mistake if it puts the whole project at risk. For more information, contact a company like Wingbrook...

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What You Need to Know about Clean Fill and Certified Clean Fill Dirt

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Fill dirt refers to the material that is used to level a site before land is put to use (for construction, for example). Your contractor may have told you that you will need to level your yard before it is paved and you are now wondering what “clean fill dirt” and “certified fill dirt” mean. Read on and learn the most important information that you need to know about those concepts. Clean Fill Dirt Fill dirt refers to a number of earthy materials like gravel and subsoil that you can use to remove a depression or void in the ground. Clean fill dirt is therefore earthy material that is environmentally safe. For instance, it does not contain contaminants like asbestos or flammable substances. Where does this fill dirt come from? Construction activities generate lots of fill dirt. For instance, someone may be excavating a foundation for a building. That excavated material has to be dumped somewhere (such as a landfill) or be reused by another person who needs it to level a surface. You can access fill dirt by posting a sign on your property advertising the fact that you want fill dirt. A contractor trying to get rid of the excavated material on his or her site will contact you so that the dump trucks deliver the unwanted material on his or her site to yours. You will agree on the terms of getting that fill material (such as footing the transport cost for delivering the fill material). You can confirm that the fill material is clean by taking samples to environmental authorities for testing. Certified Clean Fill Dirt Some people may form companies whose role is to collect, test and sell fill material to those who need it. Such companies may (or may not) be supervised by the environmental bodies in the area. The advantage of getting fill material from such companies is that they save you from the hassles of having the different tests done on any fill material you get before it is used. The downside is that the fill material may be more expensive than the material you obtain without that certification. The decision regarding where you source your clean fill material may entirely hinge on the options available to you in your locality. For instance, municipal regulations may restrict you to buying clean fill from authorized providers of the material, so the option of buying it directly from a contractor may be off the table. Research the possibilities open to you in your area and choose the one that meets your needs. For more information, contact a local fill dirt supplier like Eastern Plant...

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How to Choose Excavator Equipment for Any Digging Project

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Renting excavating equipment can ensure you have the heavy-duty machinery you need for your project without having the costs of actually owning, maintaining, and storing this equipment. Renting also gives you the flexibility of having any type of excavating equipment that you need for any type of dig; you can opt for something different according to each jobsite, size of dig, type of soil, and so on. Note a few tips on how to choose excavating equipment for any digging project. 1. Arm length The arm length will tell you how far an excavator can reach and the depth of any trench or pit you need dug. However, when considering arm length, you need to ensure you take both of these factors into consideration. What this means is that an arm that can extend 18 feet will not be able to dig down 18 feet if the excavator needs to sit 9 feet back from the dig itself. If you’re renting an excavator that needs to stay back from the dig itself because of soft soil or because of digging in water, you’ll need to note the length of the setback as well as the depth of the dig itself, and ensure you get the right arm length. 2. Bucket versus loader Buckets and loaders each have their own advantages, but note that loaders are a better choice for larger and wider digs. This can mean less time digging a wide pit or trench, but their downside is that buckets allow for a more precise dig. Even if the trench or pit you’re digging will need to be large and very deep, if you need to dig around buried power lines and plumbing pipes, you should still choose a bucket loader. This will make it easier for you to direct the dig itself and avoid causing any damage to anything that’s buried. 3. Treads versus tires Treads will slow down an excavator, but they protect it from sinking on soft soil. Tires are good for pavement and other such solid surfaces but are more likely to sink and get stuck in dirt and mud. If you know you should choose treads to keep your excavator safe on the soil but are concerned about its speed for unloading each scoop of dirt, invest in one with a cab that turns a full 360 degrees. This will keep you from having to move the entire crane or excavator itself with every load. You might also invest in a longer arm that can more readily reach a dump site that is located away from the crane or excavator, so you don’t need to actually move the excavator itself to empty the bucket or...

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Considerations during Earthmoving Equipment Hire

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In the course of construction work, one will require the services of earthmoving equipment. Buying equipment such as excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, trenchers or motor graders may not be a wise financial move for your project.  In such a situation, hiring earthmoving service would be preferable. Earthmoving equipment hire saves on costs of maintenance and insurance and ensures that one gets access to a wider range of modern earthmoving equipment. However, before approaching a company for earthmoving hire, the following considerations are important. Project requirements The earthmoving requirements of the project should be taken into consideration before hiring equipment. Different construction sites have different terrains and obstacles, hence the need to identify the best earthmoving equipment for the specific job site. There are different types of excavators, such as compact excavator and crawler excavator, which are suitable for different job sites. One must specify the type of equipment needed, the size and weight of boom reach, the horse power, attachments and hydraulics needed for the chosen excavator. Construction work that requires removal of big trees, heavy rocks or breaking of pavement may need attachment of a breaker to the excavator. A construction project on a space constricted site will require one to hire an excavator with minimal tail swing. Sloped terrains will require equipment that is designed to maneuver in such terrain. The type of earthmoving equipment chosen should fit in with the project needs. Cost of hire Earthmoving hire companies charge on hire based on different policies. Some will charge at an hourly rate while others on a daily rate. It is necessary to decide the most suitable hire policy. For a long term project, a daily charge would be cheaper than an hourly charge, whereas, for a short period project, one could go for the hourly charge rate. Ensure you get the equipment for only the period that you need it.  Preparing the construction site in advance is paramount in ensuring that you maximize the use of the equipment during the rental time frame. Hiring an equipment operator Most earthmoving equipment comprise of complex machines that can only be operated by a professional. While carrying out earthmoving equipment hire, you should also consider hiring an operator and the cost that will be incurred. Some companies will rent equipment and provide an operator, while others will require you to outsource for your own operator. Always ensure that you get a person who is qualified and experienced in handling the equipment. While hiring earthmoving equipment may seem like an easy task, failing to put these factors into consideration could lead to failure of the project or extra costs as a result of hiring the wrong equipment for the job. Since different jobs have different requirements, understanding the project will ensure you hire the right earthmoving equipment. For more information, contact a company such as Maudsley...

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Three Ways Civil Construction Engineers are Going Green

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The thought of civil construction and engineering may bring ideas of destroying the natural environment rather than helping it. The truth is, there are several civil construction engineers that are working to go green and help rather than hurt the environment. Here are a few ways they are attempting to do that and what you need to know about their attempts. Using Abandoned Projects One of the ways that civil construction engineers are attempting to go green is by using abandoned projects. In most cases, these projects may have some existing construction that can benefit a project. This can be anything from stable foundations to useable and recyclable on-site building materials. Even if they have to destroy some of the previous project, like unsafe buildings or rusted frames, they can still work with what is there. This means avoiding breaking ground on new land and leaving that land for a natural habitat. Creating Permaculture There are some moments when a civil construction engineer may not be able to use abandoned projects, and breaking new ground is required. This doesn’t mean the new ground needs to be destroyed and made unusable for the natural habitat. Some civil construction engineers are working to create permaculture by creating living roof lines that double as gardens or a natural habitat for animals. These gardens help give back oxygen to the environment and help with rain run-off. Use of Natural Energy In some cases, a civil construction engineer may not be able to create a permaculture or use abandoned projects, but they can use natural energy. They create buildings and projects that use natural wind and solar power, tankless hot water systems, and water power to create the energy for the building. This reduces the use of electricity that may cause power instability issues or may require more toxic waste and emissions entering the environment. Some buildings may use a mixture of these natural energy options while others may use just one, depending on the client and the construction restrictions that may be on the building or area. These are just a few of the ways civil construction engineers are attempting to go green. Going green is becoming increasingly popular with construction companies and building developers. If you are a developer looking for some green options, finding a civil construction company or engineer with green living and development background may be the ideal choice for you. Talk to a civial construction company, like Norris Plant Hire (Geelong) Pty Ltd, and ask about their green...

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Unravelling the Untold Benefits of Crane Truck Hire Services

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Crane trucks help to ease lifting and transporting jobs, especially in large construction projects. Just like many other heavy construction equipment such as loaders, crawlers, compactors and many more, crane trucks are rather costly to purchase, and that explains why several construction companies prefer hiring to buying them outright. The benefits of the hiring option are, however, not limited to financial benefits alone. As the following points will reveal, crane truck hire brings more than just cost advantages to the table for construction companies. Large fleet of trucks to choose from The transportation needs of construction companies are always changing. The one-of-the-kind highways that you see jammed with cars every day, the airports and ports from which many people travel, and the concrete pavements in your home or workplace all prove that heavy transport equipment such as crane trucks with superior capabilities are now being used in the construction industry. Crane truck rental companies constantly endeavour to upgrade and expand their fleet of vehicles to meet new and emerging industry and customer demands. These companies usually buy the latest models of high-performance crane trucks available on the market so that you won’t have to. As such, they provide you with an ‘all-under-one-roof’ range of products to choose from. This way, you can hire the best crane truck suited for the construction task at hand. Avoid the trouble of transporting the equipment to the construction site As a construction contractor, you have to operate from where the job site is. Transporting heavy construction equipment such as crane trucks from one location to another can be rather troublesome and costly especially where large geographical distances are involved. So, why don’t you let someone else deal with the hassle of transporting crane trucks so that you can focus on doing the job awaiting you on-site? Crane truck hire gives you the flexibility you need to get the equipment on-site without any worry. It allows you to choose a crane truck renter who can deliver the equipment to you at the soonest convenience rather than having to move your own equipment to the construction site no matter the amount of distance involved. Avoid downtime Are you tired of experiencing construction project delays because the crane trucks that you are using break down quite frequently? If so, you should jump onboard and hire a crane truck. All available trucks are fully serviced to perform optimally and avoid downtime. For more information, contact a company like Williams Crane...

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3 Reasons to Consider Using a Forklift Hire for Your Store Needs

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As a store owner, especially a grocery store or similar operation, stocking and re-stocking shelves is vital. This usually means that your workers have to go to the back of the store or warehouse, find the pallets, pull those pallets, and bring the loaded pallets to the front of the store for re-stocking of the shelves. If you are planning on upgrading or buying new forklifts, you may want to consider the reasons you should use forklift hires instead. Planned Maintenance One of the key points to having forklifts for your store stocking needs is to have that equipment well maintained and ready to go at all times. This can be costly and may lead you to hiring someone to come in on a routine basis to simply maintain the forklifts. If you choose to use a forklift hire, then this type of maintenance is part of most hire company contracts. In fact, some of the contracts may offer an option of picking up the current forklift hires you have out and dropping off replacement equipment. This ensures you always have the forklifts you need and that the hire is able to easily maintain their equipment. Replacement Parts If you own your own forklifts then one of the things you will need to be concerned with are replacement parts. These parts can be costly and may take time to find if you have an older model forklift. You will need to know the make, model and possible serial number of the part to order it and then be at the mercy of the parts store for turnaround time to receive the part. This all must be handled prior to fixing the forklift. If you already have a back-up replacement part you will still need to find someone skilled to handle the repair without voiding any warranty that may still be on the forklift. A forklift hire will have the parts ready to go and can have them to you or installed by a qualified technician with less downtime. Sizing Variety There are several sizes available when it comes to forklifts. Some of the newer models are even specially designed to work with smaller spaces like grocery style aisles. The problem is that if you are buying the forklift yourself, you may limited on the type you can receive due to your business’ income and budget constraints. By using a forklift hire you can ensure that you have a wider variety of sizes and forklift styles to choose from. This will help you find the right forklift for your business instead of just the right one for your budget. These are just a few of the reasons you should use a forklift hire for your store stocking needs. Contact a local forklift hire like MLA Holdings Pty Ltd for more information on this process. Remember to ask them about options that will fit your store isles easily and make transporting the loaded pallets and stocking the shelves...

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